Welcome to some of the photography collection of Paul Riewerts.

About Paul

My name is Paul Riewerts. After 37 years as a design engineer for John Deere, I decided to retire and pursue my life long hobby of photography in a whole new and more dedicated way. I now spend my time capturing Godís handiwork with both a Nikon D300 and Sony R-1 digital cameras. While landscapes and nature photography are the norm, any subject with dramatic lighting is most likely going to end up in my files. I now have the time to take several photographic tours each year to places such as the Oregon coast, California, Utah, Australia, New Zealand and recently Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. I must admit, National Parks are my all-time favorite subjects.

I reside in Port Byron, Illinois and belong to the Quad Cities Photography Club (
www.qcphotoclub.com). My goal is to provide a visual experience of places that others may not be able to visit or see during the changing seasons. Dramatic lighting conditions which many of my landscape images portray, are another of my photographic interests. I have learned to use graduated neutral density filters to balance and enhance difficult lighting situations. I am presently pursuing knowledge in HDR and infinite depth of field to add to my capabilities.

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